Sunday, 3 July 2011

New fresh Music

Music is something I have a passion for ,there are so many different genres and I listen to many of them. For this particular blog I am going to discuss 5  music artists I hope you enjoy it cause it is my first ever blog.

The first issue up for discus is Marvin's Room which is a song recently leaked from the Drake's upcoming album Take Care comming later on in the year.
 A question I always wanted to know is why is is called Marvins Room. I did some research and spoke to a few friends to find that Drake recorded the song in the Music legend Marvin Gaye's studio. I think this a really clever move by Drake as he has used his Song to promote the famous 'Sexual healing' singer and draw people to listen to his music too.
The offical video for the song came out about four days ago here is the link: .
I have watched a few time tell me what you think about it . I think is sets the mood for a drunken late night where Drake sings about telling his ex that she can do better than the man she is with. I thought the video was ok I didn't like the slow motion bit at the end though I thought it spolit it.
The Song has had 5 remixes from artist such as:
I have listened to all of them and read the comments on youtube too. I personally think that Drake's version is very good although it sounds similar to some of  his other songs, but that could just be his style so I rate him. He has created a song that 5 other artists have felt the need to go out and remix so I think he should be proud of that. However for me the versions that speak to me the most are JoJo's version  because I understand where she is coming from . And also Chris's version as one of his biggest fans he just smacks every song he jumps on he lyrics always speak to me. But I want to know what you all think so listen to them and them and comment. I enjoyed the rest though Michael Angel's voice is soo beautiful so just listening to it was great. Michael Angel is an up ancomming artist who lives in America check out his song cover's on youtube they are pretty good .


The 2010 X-factor 4th place finalist's new music video for upcoming song 'Swagger Jagger' came out on the 1st of July. I have watched it about 3 times and to be perfectly honest I am not really impressed. I didn't really favour the 17 year old when she was on the show and now that she has a single out I'm really not rating her at all.
Here is the link guys tell me what you think :


The 23 year old american rapper released his album 'Finally Famous' on the 27th of June. I haven't listened to all the album yet although I liked the song 'My last' ft Chris brown which I  heard a couple months ago. When I saw the video I don't know if its just me but did u all see Big Sean's denim jacket and the signs that was on it. Now I being trying to play down the illuminati theory because I don't really know what to believe so many different people say different things. However when I saw the jacket I had 2 rewind the video to see if my eyes wern't playing tricks on me. I personally think he shouldn't have wore that jacket whether he is in illuminati or not its just not something you want to advertise as a upcoming artist as this can put people off you straight away. Apart from that the song is great it check it out and tell me what you think :


Chris  has recently released a 2 new tunes one of which is a leak from up coming album  Fortune ,which will be avaliable at the end of the year. I like both the songs so I just wanted you guys opinion on them.


So as this blog is about music I saw it only fitting that I support one of my girls. She is a up and coming female rapper she is just 17 and already she has got me putting her songs on rewind.She writes all her own music and he songs come from the heart and are about realities of life. She has upbeat and more slow beat songs all of which I rate not only because she is my girl but because he music is actually good. So support my girl listen to her songs and tell me what you think, here are a few of her songs:
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog there is more to come soon !
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  1. Oh, so that's why it's called 'Marvins Room'. I believe that Cher Lloyd does not have a career in music, but she does have a handful of fans so who knows she could make it big. Your friend Baybee Gurl is really good.

  2. yh dis blog is very good t has a range of genre and new talent aswell keeping me p to date with people like BAYBEE GURL and also shows a range of opinions such as the dislike of cheer loyd well i hate her aswell and i think she is a disgrace to the human race looool nice blog peace out

  3. Love your music taste girl. I haven't listened to Big Seans album yet, need to asap.
    Loving the blog rachelle.